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Moss & Plum Facial System with Dew Balm

$259.99 Retail

$207.99 Sub N Save 20% Off


Calming, soothing, and pro-beauty, this new Renewing Facial System is handcrafted with potent herbs shown to nourish sensitive, lackluster skin, diminish fine lines & wrinkles, and restore a celebrity-style glow

Additional Details

- Includes: Moss & Plum Facial Serum Moss & Plum Oil Cleanser Moss & Plum Honey Mask Dew Pro Beauty Balm

For normal to dry + sensitive skin. Created to reduce sensitivity, redness, discomfort, and reveal your beautiful natural glow. Each item in the collection works together in symphony to detox the lymphatic system, helping cleanse pores deeply, and promote circulation. (Note: 6-8 week purging phase that cleans out pores / elimination + detoxing). Soothing, refreshing , earthy and gentle yet potent and effective. Get your hands, or ahem… your face, on the good stuff.


We Say No To: 

  • Sulfates...
  • Parabens...
  • Harmful colors...
  • Fragrances...
  • Synthetic or lab created ingredients...
  • Animal cruelty...


Not intended for internal use.

Moss & Plum

  • Plum seed herbal extract enriches the skin, provides a gentle moisture lock, and deeply penetrates, giving rise to a soft, satin-smooth finish. Known for its high Oleic Fatty Acids and protective antioxidants, plum seed extract is a genius choice for this Hero Collection.


  • Moss has a rich history of traditional herbal use throughout Europe and holds a place within Irish folklore. Today, this “superfood” is applied for its immense vitamin and mineral content, perfect for fortifying, infusing, balancing, and nourishing your skin for longevity, and a vibrant, natural glow.

How to Use: 

Step 1: Use a facial dry brush for lymphatic drainage and massage

Step 2: Cleanse with the Oil Cleanser and apply to dry skin with fingertips in soft circular motion

Step 3: For an ultra deep cleanse, follow on with one of our Herbal Soap Cleansing Bars

Step 4: Next we encourage you to use the Scrub Honey Mask 3-4 times per week to scrub and exfoliate using your third and fourth finger in a gentle circular motion moving upward to remove dead & dull skin cells

Step 5: Tone, mist face and cotton pad then gently move cotton pad across face for toning.

Step 6: Finally, use the Serum. Massage onto fresh, clean face 


Storage Instructions: 

Your Plum Facial System likes to show off. Keep her on your bathroom counter for everyone to ooh and ahh… she’ll work harder for you when she’s in the limelight. 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.