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Beauty Rebel Challenge Box

$79.99 Retail


Who doesn't want amazing sleep, glowing skin, and a healthy waistline? The beautiful thing about your body is that it'll naturally respond with beauty when you nourish it. Think about the time you went to bed with a cut on your finger and woke up to brand new skin. Working tirelessly to love you is what your body was made to do. Love her back with pure goodness. We've perfected a nature-based system that will reveal your true beauty so you can take on the world the way you were always meant to. Strong, alive, and empowered.


Ritual Cleansing Bar – Lavender & Colloidal Oat. From dry to alive. Our cleansing bars soothe and gently cleansing without stripping or drying you out. 100,000’s of happy customers are now experiencing soft, dreamy skin. 


Charcoal Soap. Whether you struggle with breakouts/blemishes, oily or moody skin, this nourishing cleanser has been miraculously tried and true for hundreds of thousands of those suffering from ineffective product fatigue. We actually invented this whole charcoal soap thing.


Body Lotion Balm (Lavender + Primrose)

Ditch the water based lotions and enrich with waterless! Handcrafted with farm fresh beeswax and all of earth’s goodness so you can have soft skin for days. You’ve never done skin like this before. Mama + Baby Safe | Loved By Pregnant Bellies


Blackberry Leaf Serum

Proven to balance skin tone, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, soften & smooth skin and take you to another place with it's heavenly essences. This is total transformation of the skin on a cellular Level. Handcrafted In Small Batches with Wildcrafted Herbs From The Woodlands of Colorado & Botanicals Sourced From Farms In France. Won't Clog Pores. Won't Leave Your Skin Feeling Greasy. Will Rejuvenate & Restore. Will Give You A Radiant & Glowing Complexion


Facial Toner Kombucha + Farm Fresh Honey

Soothing + Refreshing. Probiotics, like the kind found in kombucha, are good for skin, just as they’re good for your gut. We use direct trade Ceylon black tea sourced from small village farms in China to produce a kombucha brimming with unique and vital nutrients. When combined with rose water and aloe vera, the result is a wonderfully aromatic toner that enhances your mood while restoring balance and nourishment. It may even make you a cape.


Sleep Balm

People who struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep are usually pretty skeptical UNTIL they experience good sleep for themselves! You won’t even believe how well this works. Formulated using one of the rarest forms of chamomile found on earth, sleep balm is the essence we imagine would linger in the air if the angels in heaven came down to earth to tuck you in themselves. Unwind and let go of the day completely, as your senses are wrapped in a masterful blend of earth’s most precious essential oils, handcrafted to soothe your senses, promote sleep, and help you peacefully drift off to dreamland.



Handcrafted with tallow, farm-fresh beeswax, and all of earth’s goodness for glowing cheeks, luscious lips, and skin you can fall in love with. Every. Single. Day. The REBEL way! New Tallow Color Balms are perfect for a fresh look, healthy glow, and “wow, your skin looks amazing” comments from all your friends!  Enjoy a pop of sheer color and LOADS of skin-happy vitamins…. Tallow Color Balms can be used as a lip tint, blush, or highlighter…yay! You’re welcome.




Included are 5 days worth of:

Facial Toner Kombucha + Farm Fresh Honey

Ritual Cleansing Bar - Charcoal

Ritual Cleansing Bar - Lavender

Body Lotion Balm - Lavender + Primrose

Blackberry Leaf Serum

Dew Pro Beauty Balm

Sleep Balm

Steps: Use products in their sequential order daily. 

Reset from Rise to Rest.

  1. Nothing says good morning like a refreshing shower, you’ll be humming with happiness as the essence and aromas of our Ritual Cleansing Bars awaken your face & body. 
  2. Our waterless Body Lotion Balm locks in hydration and nourishes like no other! 
  3. Next glowing skin can be yours with our Blackberry Leaf Serum to balance skin tone, reduce fine lines and force feed powerful vitamins and nutrients while supporting your delicate microbiome!
  4. End your day with our Total Body Detox, your gut will thank you. Health & Beauty start within.
  5. Finally get ready for the best sleep you’ve had in years with our handcrafted Sleep Balm. Fall asleep and stay asleep. We promise we won’t let you down. 


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.